Bike Show

On Saturday, the Harvest Classic Bike Show welcomes Antique & Vintage motorcycles and scooters of all origins. Show Entrants must have a full registration wristband. (Day Passes are not eligible to compete.)

Entry and registration for motorcycles into the Harvest Classic Bike Show takes place in the morning from 10 til 12. At High Noon the show is closed to any further admissions, so don’t be late! We are serious about the cut-off time, so don’t left out!

The judging is by popular choice and goes from 12:01 until 3:00. Ballots are available during that timeframe at the Bike Show booth.

Just to reiterate- Day passes are not eligible to compete and all bikes must be entered by High Noon.

The Harvest Classic Bike Show is set up in the following classes:

  • Pre-1929 (All Marques welcome)
  • 1930-49 (All Marques welcome)
  • 1950-59 (All Marques welcome)
  • 1960-64 (All Marques welcome)
  • 1965-69 (All Marques welcome)
  • 1970-74 (Non-Domestic Manufacture Only)
  • 1975-79 (Non-Domestic Manufacture Only)
  • 1980-85 (Non-Domestic Manufacture Only)
  • Modern (Non-Domestic Manufacture Only)
  • Specials (Non-Domestic Manufacture Only)
  • Scooter (All Marques welcome)
  • Step-Through Scooter (All Marques welcome)
  • Sidecar (All Marques welcome)
  • Road Competition (All Marques welcome)
  • Off- Road Competition (All Marques welcome)
  • People’s Choice (Any motorcycle/scooter registered in the Bike Show is eligible)

Hand Made by Blue Moon Glassworks

Top finishers in each class win coveted “one of a kind” handmade glass trophies created and donated by one of our longtime Titanium sponsors, Blue Moon Glassworks. We award the trophies Saturday evening during the general announcements.




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